From the various constants between procedures and tools, without considering the discipline of labor in which they are implemented or in which they are used, one stands out. This constant is its willingness to improve. The most ambitious objectives and constant changes claim better performance. Although a calibration can satisfy new conditions, exploring new alternative roads can also open the door to new forms of understanding a phenomenon. It is our job to go through the difficulties of exploration and to succeed in higher standards.

Creation of value

Reality is an extensive and complex network of events, actions, interactions, retroactions, and determinations. Contrary to what a regular course of action can be in which realities are abstracted and fractionated to serve a simplified comprehension, the density of this network offers the possibility of anticipating events through the relationships that form such networks.

When an event is triggered in the described reality, this has an effect on elements of reality that react with a change that triggers another series of events. This chain of reactions added to others that originate from the same reality are the ones that outline a complex network of the reality described herein. The convenience of this network is that there are no isolated events; there is complete integration. Therefore, each event covers a region of the network and its complete manifestation is visible throughout this region.


The outcome of events is uncertain. Even if there was certainty, any disturbance can trigger different events to those anticipated.

The risk is in the possibility of failure in our predictions; it is in its reduction and possible extension, not in the management of the coverage in which there is more value to leverage. We offer solutions that provide maximum value in conditions in which the complexity and/or volume of information becomes an obstacle.